University Studies maintains two student publications: Pangaea: Global Connections and J-Source: A St. Edward's Undergraduate Research Journal. 

Pangaea: Global Connections
Pangaea: Global Connections is published by University Studies and features student perspectives on global issues and processes. Student submissions are by faculty recommendation, and should demonstrate critical engagement with current global processes including global economics, politics, and cultural issues. We particularly encourage submissions on key issues of global health, development, sustainability, global-local strategies, global inequality, social change, corporate and state ethics, and leadership. We encourage many types of submissions, including research articles, reflective journals and visual work.

For more information contact: Charles R. Porter, Jr., MLA - Editor - charlp [at]

                                            Michael Slotten - Associate Editor - mslotte [at]

J-Source: A St. Edward's Undergraduate Research Journal
J-SOURCE is the official, faculty-edited undergraduate research journal of St. Edward’s annual SOURCE Symposium. It offers students an opportunity to publish their research in a forum edited by faculty, and of interest to the entire university community.  SOURCE is an acronym that stands for the Symposium on Undergraduate Research and Creative Expression, an annual event at which SEU undergraduates formally present academic research, visual art and other forms of creative expression, in an atmosphere similar to that at professional and academic conferences. The event generates a common forum for university-wide communication among faculty and students.

For more information contact: Dr. Victoria Hill - victorih [at]