You must apply and receive admission to the Teacher Education Program in order to earn a teaching certificate in addition to your degree.

Only upon admission to the Teacher Education Program will you be permitted to enroll in EDUC or READ course work at or above the 3000 level. Declaration of an academic major associated with teacher education is not equivalent to program admission.

The Teacher Education Advisory Committee oversees the Program's application review and admission process. If admitted, you will be notified of your status via email. If you were not admitted to the Program, you may reapply once eligibility requirements have been met.

Professional Sequence

The School of Education's professional sequence provides a framework for understanding the fundamentals of the educational system. This framework is comprised of a series of individual courses, block courses, and in-field student teaching exercises.

Teaching experiences in the field are conducted in a variety of settings including Austin community public, charter, private, and parochial schools, as directed by your instructor. The sequence culminates in a Student Teaching internship, designed to be a "capstone" experience. 

Student Teaching

Student teaching allows you to put theories of curriculum and pedagogy into practice. The program is broken into two three-hour courses and is designed as a capstone experience. The intent is to ensure that the students recommended for teacher certification are able to effectively and independently carry out the responsibilities required for professional success.

Program Overview

A comprehensive program overview including placement guidelines, and standards and requirements can be found in the Student Teaching Handbook.


Students who are enrolled in the Teacher Education Program and meet the Student Teacher Internship program requirements are encouraged to apply.

Please email Field Education Supervisor, Sheila Anderson Sheilaa [at] with any questions or comments regarding the program. 

Licensure Examinations

Students seeking teacher certification in Texas are required to successfully complete several licensure examinations. Your specific exam requirements will vary based on your designated degree or certification plan.

Licensure Examinations

Practice Tests

Practice tests are available to students preparing for teacher certification licensure examinations. For more information on the practice tests or to register for a practice test, contact the School of Education office at (512) 448-8651. 

Texas Higher Education Assessment (THEA)

Teacher Certification Testing Requirements (THEA) tests the reading, mathematics, and writing skills of entering freshman-level students in Texas public colleges or universities.

THEA is comprised of three subject areas: Reading, Mathematics, and Writing. You must take all three subtests and achieve a minimum standard of excellence in order to be admitted into St. Edward's teacher education program and upper-level professional development courses.

Minimum scores required for entry:

  • Reading-250
  • Mathematics-230
  • Writing-220

Students may be exempt from the THEA requirement based on results from the following assessments:

  • American College Test (ACT): A composite score of 23 or greater with a score of 19 or greater on English and mathematics tests will exempt you from having to take the corresponding THEA test.
  • Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT): A combined verbal and mathematics score of 1070 with a minimum of 500 on the verbal and/or mathematics tests will exempt you from having to take the corresponding THEA test.
  • Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS): A minimum scale score of 2200 on the Math section and/or a minimum scale score of 2200 on the English Language Arts section will exempt you from having to take the corresponding THEA test.

THEA registration and study materials are available on the THEA website.