The School of Education encompasses four departments: Teacher Education, Kinesiology, University Studies and the Master of Arts in Counseling program.  Grounded in the St. Edward's tradition of mentorship, community engagement and academic excellence, the School of Education cultivates future educators, kinesiology professionals and practicing counselors to their fullest potential.

Our mission is to improve teaching, learning and human development in an increasingly diverse global community. A balance of theoretical and applied learning is key to achieving this goal. Our undergraduate and post-baccalaureate graduate programs are designed to fully immerse students in Austin's vibrant community, providing invaluable opportunities for personal insight and growth.

Depending on your course of study, you will have the opportunity to:

  •   Teach in Austin-area school system classrooms
  •   Engage with local education organizations such as Citizen Schools, Latinitas, America Reads, and Breakthrough Austin
  •   Build a strong foundation in the movement sciences
  •   Learn to create and implement fitness programs, diagnose injuries and design rehabilitation plans
  •   Develop the knowledge, skills and experience necessary to begin post master's supervised experience as a Licensed Professional Counselor Intern or Licensed Marriage and Family  Therapist Associate.

A well-rounded global perspective is a valuable asset, now more than ever. Today, quality educators provide individualized learning experiences to an increasingly diverse community of students. As educators in the vibrant, heterogeneous Austin community, we recognize this need and prepare students to rise to the occasion. Coursework emphasizes communication, collaboration, and creative learning/teaching strategies. Scholarship is complemented by a variety of global study opportunities that allow students to learn and teach around the world. 




 When students are engaged in meaningful, relevant activities and projects, learning abounds. We instill a sense of excitement and commitment in our students, helping them take responsibility for their education and choose opportunities that best inform their goals and interests. Further, our extensive field-based experiences provide ample opportunity to learn and practice the professional behaviors requisite to teaching.

We are a highly motivated and talented team of educators. We create open and constructive learning environments where students have the freedom to ask questions and form their own opinions about important issues. Students are encouraged to share and test findings in their communities through civic engagement as scholars and citizens. It is our greatest hope that Education students graduate with inspired perspectives, motivated to make positive and significant changes in their communities and the lives of others.

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Agent of Change
As many as half of new teachers leave the field within five years. Steven Fletcher, associate professor of Secondary Education, is creating ways to help them stay and succeed.
Kris Sloan
I don’t just want students to become teachers. I want them to become teacher-leaders. I want to give them the tools to exercise their powers in a transformative way, so they have a real voice in what they teach their students. And that’s rewarding.