The Committee for Multicultural Advancement (CMA) and the Multicultural Leadership Board (MLB) would like to introduce the “7 Wonders of the Hill.” Those wonders being 7 specific demographics of St. Edward’s population: International, Interfaith, LGBT, Black Heritage, Asian Heritage, and Women.
This focus group styled event will encourage students, faculty and staff to participate in breakout sessions to discuss the various issues/interests which may surround those who identify with any of the aforementioned groups.
From this event we seek to achieve several goals: create a judgment free environment for students, faculty and staff to express their opinions, encourage all to take a more educated look at the experiences of their fellow peers, and to provide St. Edward’s University with a better understanding of how receptive individuals are to the diverse climate provided here at this institution. Faculty have the option of offering this event to their students for extra credit, as other participating faculty are.
Dinner and refreshments will be provided. We will also be sponsoring a special raffle drawing with 7 prizes!! We look forward to seeing you.
For more information please feel free to contact any of the following people:
Joi Torres (Multicultural and Diversity Affairs Advisor) jtorre11 [at]
Domonique DeLeo (Multicultural and Diversity Affairs Graduate Assistant) ddeleo3 [at]
Brittney Justice (Social Justice Events Coordinator) bjustic2 [at]