Please join us for the Multicultural Leadership Boards upcoming "Dinner with 6 Strangers"
The event will take place Wednesday, March 26th @ 6:30pm in Maloney
This semester's theme...Where do you place your roots, and why?
• What factors have contributed to forming the person you are today?
• What makes your heritage unique?
• How has your family and childhood influenced your personal, social and, professional relationships?
• How has your culture, religion, and ethnicity impacted your life experiences?
Included will be...
• Dinner, dessert, and refreshments
• Intimate conversation
• Music
• Interactive activities
Attendees will be able to...share their stories of what life events formed the person they are today, interact with new and familiar faces while participating in meaningful dialogue and activities, and learning of differing cultures, heritages, and paradigms.