On Monday, June 29, 56 undergraduate students supported by the NSF-CASAR Grant, the TG Public Benefit Program, the Keck Foundation, and the Bro. Romard Student/Faculty Summer Research Fund will present their research beginning at 8:30 AM through 5 PM. The Wild Basin talks will also be presented at this event.  Many thanks to faculty supervisors: Amy Belaire, Patricia Baynham, Teresa Bilinski, Russell Frohardt, Lisa Goering, Chuck Hauser, David Robert Johnson, Michael Kart, Mary Kopecki-Fjetland, Amanda Kenney, Gary Morris, Casie Parish-Fisher, Michael Saclolo, Tricia Shepherd, Casey Sherman, Santiago Toledo, and Paul Walter.  Members of the SEU community are invited to attend.
See the schedule online: http://faculty.stedwards.edu/kopec/LLCTGsymposium15.htm