John Abbott

Director, Wild Basin Creative Research Center

John AbbottExpertise: Abbott’s expertise lies in the identification and systematics of insects; biological diversity; dragonfly/damselfy biogeography; population and evolutionary ecology of aquatic insects; and systematics of lamellicorn beetles (Scarabaeidae: Lucanidae, Passalidae). He is also interested in issues of stream assessment and health as determined by the aquatic invertebrate fauna in the streams in and around Austin. Ongoing projects in his lab include faunal surveys of the macrobenthic fauna of these streams.  Abbott was previously the Curator of Entomology at the University of Texas at Austin where he put on the Insecta Fiesta event, and he has authored three books on dragonflies and damselflies.

Media appearances:
  • PhD in Biology at the University of North Texas
  • MS in Biology at the University of North Texas
  • BS in Zoology/Entomology at Texas A&M University

Email: johnca [at]
Phone: 512-327-7622