Faculty Information

Student Disability Services strives to educate and assist faculty in the implementation of academic accommodations at St. Edward's University.  Disability counselors are available to support faculty with:

  • Implementation of accommodations in the classroom
  • Consultation regarding student concerns
  • Teaching students with disabilities
  • Information about roles and responsibilities under the ADA and Section 504

Implementation of Accommodations in your Classroom

Students who would like to receive academic accommodations at St. Edward's University should follow the documentation process.  After a student has been approved for accommodation by Student Disability Services you will receive a letter of accommodation from the student.  The letter will note all approved accommodations.  If you have questions about how to implement these accommodations, please call or email the disability counselor listed on the front of the letter.

Syllabus Statement

It is important that all faculty include a syllabus statement about how a student should access academic accommodations if needed.  Please include the following statement on your course syllabus:

Student Disability Services coordinates reasonable accommodations for students with documented disabilities (medical, learning or psychological). Any student who feels s/he may need an accommodation based on the impact of a disability should follow the university’s accommodation procedure by contacting Student Disability Services (512-448-8561 or Moody Hall 155).

Accessing Student 504 Accommodation Letters

In a continued effort grow our paperless process, you will now receive your student's 504 Accommodation Letters electronically using Box. Follow these easy steps to access your student's letter.

  1. You will receive an email stating your student has shared a folder with you in Box.
    • The folder will be labeled "Student Name - 504 Letter - Current Semester" (i.e. Doe, John - 504 Letter - SP 2016)
  2. Open the folder and you will see your student's 504 accommodation letter and a link to an instructional video.
    • You will be able to review the 504 Accommodation Letter whenever you would like.
  3. Meet with your student(s) about how the accommodations will be used in their class

Faculty: Accessing 504 Accommodation Letter Video

SDS Testing Center-Faculty Responsibilities

  1. Speak with student about testing accommodations arrangements, after reviewing the student's accommodation letter.
  2. Deliver exams via email (sdstest [at] stedwards.edu) or in person (MH 155).
  3. Provide the following information or complete the SDS Testing Center Exam Instruction Sheet:
    • Time allowed in class for the exam.
    • Deadline to administer the exam (date, time, or if allowing flexible schedule for administration).
    • Materials allowed to use while student is testing (excluding SDS accommodations).
    • Method of delivery (pick up, or scan and email).
      • If you choose to have the completed test email, this will be done at the end of the date by the Testing Coordinator.
      • Due to security concerns, we will no longer be returning tests via campus mail.

Consultation Regarding Student Concerns

Disabilty counselors are available during regular business hours 8am-5pm, Monday-Friday to consult with you about questions or concerns you may have. Our disability counselors work with a student throughout the time they are served by Student Disability Services, so they may have helpful information about how to work with a specific student.  We are here to provide academic accommodations to students but also to protect the academic integrity of your course.


Interested in having a disabilty counselor speak at your next department meeting? Contact SDS [at] stedwards.edu (subject: SDS%20Presentation) (Student Disability Services) with when, where and what topics your deparment would like to discuss, and Kendall or Candice will be there.
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