Explore and grow in your spiritual journey

Blessed Basil Anthony Moreau, CSC, believed that the heart needs a learning experience that is personal, even intimate. Campus Ministry offers spiritual guidance to all St. Edward's University students, which provides an opportunity to ask your own personal questions of faith, spirituality, diversity, social justice and more. It's a journey of self-discovery that forms character and conscience.


In our fast-paced world, it's easy to overlook the need for rest and reflection, which fuels our personal and spiritual growth. Campus Ministry retreats give students a chance to step back from busy schedules, reconnect to an awareness of the spiritual life and return to the everyday world viewing life from a new perspective.

Grounded Retreat

This fun and relaxing weekend takes students away from the pressures of school and life. Held each November, you have the chance to reflect, pray and build a support network to help maintain spiritual grounding.

Freshmen Retreat

Your first year of college can be overwhelming. Freshmen Retreat, held each October, is a weekend experience designed to help you:

  • Meet new friends
  • Discuss issues of college life
  • Explore your faith
  • Hang out and relax

Busy Person’s Retreat

The Lenten season is the perfect time for personal reflection and to “be still.” The Busy Person’s Retreat is a welcoming environment for students of all faiths. Guided by an experienced spiritual director, you’ll pause for self reflection to:

  • Find your spiritual center
  • Examine your relationship with God
  • Rejuvenate through contemplation and prayer

Senior Retreat

As seniors wind up their busy year and prepare for graduation, the weekend Senior Retreat is an ideal way to slow down and join classmates to:

  • Reflect on your time at St. Edward's
  • Envision your future after graduation
  • Pause and enjoy the final moments of college 

Meditation and Prayer Opportunities

Campus Ministry sponsors various prayer opportunities in conjunction with ongoing programs and activities. On special occasions such as the Mass of the Holy Spirit, the start of a new academic year or to honor the passing of a beloved faculty or staff member, we gather as a university community to mark these milestones in our hearts and memories.

Campus Ministry welcomes your program ideas and suggestions.