Raising Awareness

"Every moment is an organizing opportunity, every person a potential activist, every minute a chance to change the world." — Dolores Huerta

Throughout the year, we plan and support creative opportunities that both raise awareness about the issues our communities face and celebrate our communities’ accomplishments and traditions.

2020 Virtual Multicultural Graduation Ceremony

In the spring semester of 2020, St. Edward's University's safety measures in response to COVID-19 meant the closing of campus and the transition to online learning. As a result, the Office of Diversity & Inclusion was not able to hold our various affinity graduations. However, in continuing our mission of creating an equitable graduation experience, the virtual Multicultural Graduation Ceremony was created!

The purpose of the ceremony was to continue our mission of celebrating our diverse student body and the excellence of our graduating class. The ceremony was broadcast live on May 7, 2020. The affinity celebrations were:

  • The Latinx Student Graduation
  • The Black Student Graduation
  • The Lavender Graduation
  • The Monarchs Graduation
  • The First Generation Student Graduation
  • GraduAsian

To view the video, follow the link below to our Facebook page:

Bringing Communities Together

Whether you are seeking a community of like-minded people or are just looking for a familiar face, part of our mission is to help bring communities together.

You can help plan, lead and participate in a range of opportunities, such as:

  • Black Student Welcome
  • Queer Camp
  • International Student Welcome
  • Hispanic Heritage Month
  • First Generation College Student Summit
  • Lavender Graduation
  • Transgender Day of Remembrance
  • Eid Al Adha–Yom Kippur Dinner
  • Asian Cultural Awareness Day

Social Justice Journey

Through an immersive multi-day excursion, participants of the Social Justice Journey consider the complicated relationship between history, legacy, activism and social change. Participants balance:

  • What activism looks like in the past and present
  • Fighting for a community and being of a community
  • The ways well-intentioned service hurts a community
  • Who gets to be heroes
  • The difference between learning history and honoring it

Educating for Social Justice

The Change Institute and other conference opportunities hosted on campus enable students to create and sustain diversity at St. Edward’s and beyond. The goal of these opportunities is to create cross-cultural dialogues that help students understand the complexities of living within diverse communities.

These are one step of many that St. Edward’s University students engage in to become members of flourishing communities where individuals respect diverse opinions and cultures.

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