Ready to challenge yourself to take action and inspire others to make a difference?

St. Edward's offers a variety of award-winning programs designed to help you discover and develop your leadership strengths and talents — skills that will carry you far in your career and in life.

Full-tuition Scholarships

Scholarships such as the Moreau Scholarship, awarded to a graduate of each Holy Cross High School, and the Holy Cross Scholarship look for applicants with demonstrated leadership both inside and outside the classroom.


Leadership Development Programs

Eco-Lead Costa Rica

Global leadership program that combines in-depth study of the Costa Rican economy, governmental structure, local culture and society, and regional ecosystems to provide a firsthand experience of a Central American country.

Hilltop Leaders

Open to freshmen and sophomores interested in developing leadership skills and seeing leadership at work in different settings. Culminates with a study tour of Washington, D.C.

Leading EDGE

Trains students to work with groups and individuals through team-building sessions and leadership workshops.


Incorporates a relationship-based approach to leadership that focuses on personal discovery and leading with integrity.

Student Leadership Team

A group of highly motivated students who implement the programs listed above, while developing their own leadership skills and abilities.

Shedding Light

As Asian heritage coordinator for the Multicultural Leadership Board, Eriann Panado '15 educates fellow students to appreciate diversity and increase global consciousness.