Create momentum, change lives

The energy at St. Edward's University is undeniable. Students conduct award-winning research in top-caliber labs for national publication. They serve communities in Austin — and those thousands of miles away in Africa, Costa Rica and India. They connect with peers in Russia and France through emerging technology, such as virtual classrooms. And they learn to lead with confidence and compassion through university initiatives that take them to the Baja Peninsula and the U.S. Capitol.

This energy has ignited a passion for learning for more than 125 years. It continues because of philanthropists like you.

Rest assured, St. Edward's understands that giving is a very personal and selfless act. You can have complete confidence that your contribution will be stewarded as you intended. To that end, the university abides by a Donor Bill of Rights that acknowledges your status as a donor and — to maintain transparency — outlines the relevant information the university routinely shares with donors about the way gifts are used.

Download the St. Edward's University Donor Bill of Rights (PDF)

Individual Giving

From a scholarship honoring a Holy Cross Brother to a professor's commitment to help students lead an honorable life, your gift can inspire powerful outcomes.

Foundation Giving

Through scholarships for migrant students, innovative HIV research and more, support from foundations propels our mission forward.

Corporate and Matching Giving

Our bottom line: to change students' lives. Find out how our business partners help us do just that with gifts for research, technology and more.