Each Scholarship is a Gift of Opportunity

From year to year, our freshman class SAT scores continue to rise. Retention and graduation rates have improved to well above the national averages. And despite tough economic times, the amount of financial aid our students receive has also risen.

How? It's because of The St. Edward’s Fund — and the alumni and friends who generously and consistently support it. In fact, the majority of annual gifts go toward scholarships, including guaranteed awards for high achievers, grants for students from Holy Cross high schools and support for those who want to teach math and science in high-need communities.

Beyond the numbers, each scholarship is a gift of opportunity. Every gift, regardless of the size, matters. Every gift impacts lives. In the truest sense, your support for The St. Edward’s Fund provides an opportunity for a student to experience an education that will change his or her life — just as your education did for you.

St. Edward's students at graduation