How to Study Abroad

Step 1: Create Your Terra Dotta Profile
The very first step in studying abroad at St. Edward's University is to create an online profile through our study abroad portal. You can search and apply to study abroad programs, contact your Study Abroad Advisor, and complete your application.

Step 2: Browse Study Abroad Programs
Explore the numerous study abroad programs available to you. Search for programs by your major, geographic location, language spoken, and more.

Step 3: Schedule an Appointment
Call 512-428-1051 or come by the Global Engagement Office (GEO) in Moody Hall 102 to schedule an appointment with your study abroad advisor. If you are unsure who your Study Abroad Advisor is, check the bottom of the page for the advisor's contact information.

Step 4: Complete Your Application
Once you have met with your Study Abroad Advisor, complete your study abroad application before the deadline. Different programs have different application requirements, and your Study Abroad Advisor can help answer your questions.

When is my study abroad application due?

For Spring applicants, the deadline is always the Thursday before St. Edward’s Founder’s Day in the Fall semester (October 13. 2016).

For Summer/Fall applicants, the deadline is always the Friday before Spring Break (March 10, 2017).

How can I reset my password if I can’t access my Terra Dotta account?

E-mail geo [at] to get password reset instructions.

What do I complete for the study abroad application?

Generally, study abroad applications require you to complete some questionnaires (emergency contact information, indemnification waiver, study abroad agreement, course approval form, etc.) and submit certain documents to GEO, all of which can be done online through the Terra Dotta study abroad software.