Check Email Regularly

Check your SEU email regularly while abroad. We understand that you’ll be exploring a new place and learning a tremendous amount (but we still care about your safety). Given time differences and the varying quality of internet access abroad, email (specifically your SEU email) will be our main method of communication with you while abroad.

Exit Your Comfort Zone

Take on your world! Try something new, something different, something strange! Since all study abroad programs must, inevitably, come to an end, make sure to maximize your time there. Just remember though, you are an ambassador of St. Edward’s University while abroad and will be held to the same SEU Student Code of Conduct as if you were on campus in Austin, Texas.

Offer Constructive Feedback

If you experience difficulties or unpleasant situations while you are abroad, do not hesitate to contact GEO. We are here to help you. In case of emergency, consult GEO’s Emergency Contact Information

Share Your Social Media

While you’re abroad, make sure to send us your pictures and videos (so long as they are appropriate!) and we will post them on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You’ll even have a chance to take over our Snapchat and Instagram accounts for a while if you’d like.