As you are completing your study abroad application, there are logistical factors to consider as well. These include passports, visas and airfare. All study abroad programs require a passport and airfare; however, not all programs require that you get a visa. 

Consult the U.S. State Department for instructions on how to apply for a passport. The average time for a passport to be processed and delivered is 4-6 weeks from the time of your application, so plan ahead!

In addition, in order to purchase airfare and travel abroad, you must have a valid, unexpired passport. We recommend you have a passport AT LEAST six weeks before you travel, and that it is valid for AT LEAST six months after your program is scheduled to end.

You can apply for a passport at many locations in Austin. Some passport offices near St. Edward’s include:
UT Passport Center
2400 Nueces Street, 2nd Floor
Austin, Texas 78705

The Passport & Visa Company
4005C Banister Lane, Suite 190C
Austin, Texas 78704

Travis County District Clerk’s Passport Acceptance Facility
5501 Airport Blvd., 2nd Floor, Room 220
Austin, Texas 78751

NOTE: International students should verify the requirements of their country of residency for passport renewal information.

If you are studying for a full semester or longer (or if you are an international student), you will likely need a student visa. The specific process and length of time it takes to get a visa varies greatly by country. It is best to find out as early as possible what the process is for your particular destination and to gather all appropriate documents. Get your visa at the consulate of the country you will be studying in. Most consulates are located in Houston.

For more information, visit Visa HQ.

For most programs, you are responsible for purchasing your own airfare. We generally recommend that you wait until at least after the application deadline to purchase your airfare but AT LEAST two months before traveling. Also, don't forget to send your flight itinerary to your Study Abroad Advisor as soon as it is confirmed.

Recommended Resources for Purchasing Airfare: 

Some countries may require you to have certain immunizations. Consult the Center for Disease Control or visit the Health & Counseling Center on campus with any questions.

Pre-Departure Orientation (PDO)
Pre-Departure Orientation is MANDATORY for all students who choose to study abroad. During PDO, we will cover topics such as travel and safety tips, issues you may encounter while abroad, the types of resources available to you while abroad and more.