Transform your worldview on the hilltop

Global perspective is pervasive in academics at St. Edward's — from class discussions and assignments to extra-curricular projects and campus activities. Students graduate with a deeper understanding of the issues and opportunities of the global community. It's why every undergraduate at St. Edward's takes Cultural Foundations classes, which expose them to insights about different cultures and how they influence our lives.

Classes Designed with a Global Focus

First Year in France

Developed to help international students prepare for earning their degrees from St. Edward's, this program, which initiates in Angers, France, includes English language classes and core courses designed specifically to address the academic and cultural needs of international students from Europe, Africa, Asia and other parts of the world.

Global Understanding Certificate

The Global Understanding Certificate provides students with the opportunity to understand, document and exhibit their facility in working with global processes. Students must complete a series of general education courses in which they learn, practice and demonstrate competence in the politics, economics and cultural elements in an increasingly interdependent world.

Cultural Foundations

St. Edward's University has a history of commitment to diversity and social justice. This commitment, articulated in our mission, is thoroughly explored in the Cultural Foundations sequence of courses, which span multiple disciplines in the social sciences and humanities, such as sociology, history, economics, political science and cultural studies.

At St. Edward’s, I get to interact with so many different cultures one-on-one. I love being in a community that embraces diversity and different worldviews. — Matt Nunez ’16, Global Studies

Global Business Institute for Societal Responsibility

Each year, the institute in the School of Management and Business selects a global health, welfare and/or sustainability challenge within a chosen country. The curriculum is then built around service, experiential learning and research projects that focus on the challenge. Through the institute, students and faculty work together to create socially responsible solutions.

Global Business Consulting

The global business consulting Capstone project, designed as the final class in the MBA program, requires students to synthesize their education into recommended solutions to an international business client. As part of the course, students travel to the country where the company is located for seven to 10 days of on-site working sessions.

Global Degree Programs

From Global Studies to International Business and Environmental Science and Policy, St. Edward's offers a broad range of degree programs for students to prepare themselves to excel in a global environment. Video-conferencing classrooms bring together students and faculty from across the globe.