Financial Aid 

Under the Home School Tuition model, St. Edward's institutional merit and need-based aid, as well as federal financial aid, is portable for semester, academic year, and faculty-led programs.  Summer programs vary in the ways financial aid can be applied. Contact your financial aid advisor with any questions. Federal Work-Study is not portable.

Your financial aid package will be reviewed by Student Financial Services for the semester/year abroad and in some instances be adjusted higher based on the total cost of the program abroad.

Veterans interested in an abroad program must first meet with the Military and Veterans Affairs Coordinator to determine program eligibility and funding.

Scholarships and Fellowships

We're committed to making study abroad a reality for all students seeking academic opportunities beyond our main campus. Grants, scholarships, and financial aid can make your experience affordable and feasible. Learn more about your financial aid options. 

St. Edward’s Study Abroad Scholarships

The St. Edward’s Study Abroad Scholarship provides financial support to students participating in programs through Study Abroad to help offset study abroad costs. Scholarship consideration is limited to students who are enrolled full-time, have at least a 2.75 cumulative grade point average (GPA), and demonstrate financial need (as determined by Student Financial Services). Eligible students will be prompted to complete the application after being approved for their program. For more information, please email studyabroad [at]

List of External Scholarships

Study Abroad Fellowships 

Study Abroad fellowships are study abroad scholarships and grants to be applied toward education abroad. The Fellowships Office on campus co-advises on these opportunities, so students should meet with Study Abroad and Fellowships regarding these opportunities.

List of Fellowships


Your budget will be different depending on where you go, the type of program and the cost of living associated with the new location. Studying abroad can often be more affordable than staying in Austin, or it could be the same as staying on campus, plus the cost of your flight. Each of our programs has a budget in our portal. Some costs are fixed, like tuition, technology fee, and insurance, while others will vary, such as airfare, housing, and personal expenses. Below is an example of a budget for a student going to Australia.

Example Budget for Exchange Program in Australia:

Tuition* (average semester cost at SEU, you pay what you normally pay, and you keep any aid/scholarships/grants/loans) $23,345.00
Comprehensive Fee- Semester* $250.00
International Insurance (Exchange & Angers)- Semester* $250.00
Total Billable Items - Billed to SEU Student Account subtotal: $23,845.00
Airfare $1,400.00
Visa $425.00
Estimated Housing Costs $4,600.00
Estimated Personal Expenses $3,500.00
Total Non-Billable Items - Additional/External Student Costs subtotal: $9,925
Total: $33,770.00

Make your own budget

Create your own budget to understand the real cost of going abroad. Find program cost information in our Study Abroad Portal and use the Blank Budget Sheet.  It is never too early to plan, so come and speak with us to understand the real cost of studying abroad and see that is affordable for you.