Stay Engaged When You Return to the Hilltop 

Coming home from study abroad can be exciting and difficult at the same time. Please read our guide to help understand some of what you might be experiencing while abroad and upon return. 

There are many ways Study Abroad offers assistance in your return to the U.S. and St. Edward's including: 

"Back From Abroad" Re-entry Workshop

Each semester, Study Abroad will host a re-entry workshop for returned students. Students will receive an invitation and the workshop details will be posted on the St. Edward’s calendar. This workshop helps students to: 

- articulate new knowledge and skills and learn to apply them to future goals (career, graduate school, etc.)
- understand personal growth and changing identity
- refine and share "your" study abroad story
- network with other returnees

Graduation Regalia

Each semester, Study Abroad will send a survey for returnees to claim their graduation regalia and display their study abroad experience at graduation.

Global Engagement Certificate

The Global Engagement Certificate is designed to help students leverage their study abroad experience and continue their global engagement after their return home to the Hilltop.  To earn the Global Engagement Certificate,  students join the Global Engagement Certificate Canvas page to review requirements.