Alumni of the St. Edward’s University graduate programs have achieved success in a wide range of careers and industries.

They run their own technology firms and retail businesses, act as directors and vice presidents within national corporations and local nonprofits, and follow their passions as public servants and licensed professionals.

Melissa Robinson MBA '11

Co-owner of Bona Dea Gluten-Free Goodness

Ben Ferrell MACSD '10

Executive vice president of Finance and Administration, Austin Community College

Daniel Hawthorne ’08, MBA ’12

Senior Data Protection Specialist: Dell

Attaining his MBA helped Hawthorne better navigate the corporate world. He was promoted quicker than anyone else in his division’s history, and he holds the record in many sales categories. He also serves on the board of GenNext, a Dell young professionals group that focuses on social responsibility and business readiness.

Jcki Daniel MBA ’09, MACT ’12

Internal Control Analyst: City of Dallas

Daniel’s Global Entrepreneurship concentration within the MBA gave her the opportunity to travel to Germany, the Czech Republic and Costa Rica as a student consultant. She learned to appreciate multiple cultures and plans to own a consulting firm that specializes in forensic auditing and fraud investigations.

Sherri Woodworth MAC ’05

Licensed Professional Counselor: Austin Wellness

After 18 years in the airline industry, Woodworth decided to pursue a career as a counselor so she could help others. Post-graduation, she joined a private practice group with several of her MAC classmates and continues to benefit from the networking which began in the classroom at St. Edward’s.