A Healthy Hilltop Takes All of Us

Spring Baseline Testing

  • All students accessing campus for Spring 2021 will be required to complete an EverlyWell at-home test kit before returning.
  • More details on a self-service portal to order your kit for January delivery will be provided in December.
Toppers Back Up

Social-distance signage and markings have been installed across campus, and buildings have designated entry and exit points, hallway flows and stairwell directions.

Toppers Wash Up

Improved hygiene fixtures have been installed across campus, including 115 hand sanitization and 150 surface disinfection stations.

Toppers Check Up

All students, faculty and staff must be tested for Covid-19 before returning to campus, and the entire community participates in a daily screening program.

Toppers Mask Up

Face coverings over the nose and mouth are required outside when six feet of social distancing cannot be maintained and indoors in shared campus spaces at all times.

University Community Requirements

  • Wear face coverings over the nose and mouth outside when six feet of social distancing cannot be maintained and indoors in shared campus spaces at all times.
  • Complete Covid-19 testing and training before returning to campus (students, faculty and staff).
  • Participate in a daily screening program on the TopperSafe app.

Campus Visitor Requirements

  • Follow the face covering policy, including in outdoor spaces where six feet of distance is not possible.
  • Adhere to closure of all fields and recreation areas. These spaces are reserved for student use. 
  • Use the daily Covid-19 screening on the TopperSafe app if entering campus buildings. University credentials are now required to access all buildings.
  • Avoid visiting campus if experiencing Covid-19 symptoms or if recently exposed to the virus. 

University Face Covering Policy

  • Acceptable face coverings include cloth-based face coverings that cover the mouth and nose snugly and medical-grade masks (surgical masks or N95 respirators).
  • Masks of any type fitted with an exhaust valve are not acceptable and should not be used.
  • Face shields alone do not satisfy the university’s face covering standard. Face shields may be worn with a face covering for additional protection.
  • Only instructors and support staff when remaining socially distanced from others in an instructional space (e.g., laboratory or classroom) may utilize a qualified face shield without a face covering. Qualified face shields must be transparent in color, must extend from the forehead to below the chin, should not have a gap between the shield assembly and the forehead, and must extend and wrap laterally across the face from the front of the left ear to the front of the right ear.

Covid-19 Testing

How do I get tested for Covid-19?

Students and employees will be referred to Baylor Scott & White Health Services or their preferred healthcare provider if they need Covid-19 testing. Referrals can be self-identified or from the daily screening process via the TopperSafe app. Students should start out with a telehealth consultation with a medical provider first, either through Baylor Scott & White Health Services or SHIP telehealth.

Employees, students, friends and family of St. Edward’s University are also eligible to utilize a discount code for Covid-19 testing from Genotox. The discount is only valid at the Austin drive-through location of 5200 Davis Lane. The coupon reduces the current $130 cost by $20 to $110. The test is a PCR test and the individual can select either a nasal swab or saliva test when registering. Results are confidential and will be sent to the individual via their secure portal and email or text if selected at registration. Download the discount code.

Austin Public Health also operates several Covid-19 testing sites in the area. 

What Happens If I Test Positive?

Individuals will be referred to Baylor Scott & White Health Services or their personal healthcare professional for follow-up. The individual will be asked to self-isolate until released by a healthcare professional to return to campus. Additionally, the university will support Austin Public Health to conduct contact tracing of all positive cases.

In addition to baseline testing, the university is implementing daily symptom screening for all employees, students, volunteers and campus visitors. When community members successfully complete the short survey via the secure TopperSafe app or website, they will receive one of two badges good for 24 hours: Approved to Be On-Campus badge or Stay Home badge. Specific indoor service areas on campus may require to see the badge to receive service, and professors may request the badge upon entering an instructional space. Individuals who test positive for Covid-19 will not receive the on-campus badge until they are cleared by a healthcare professional.


If the student is an on-campus resident, the university has separate procedures for self-isolation and care, including daily check-ins, meals, and additional support. Students living off campus will be asked to self-isolate and not return to campus until receiving medical clearance.


  • Employees testing positive should notify their supervisor that they will be unable to be on campus.
  • Employees that are asymptomatic positive or with limited symptoms may be able to work remotely until cleared by a healthcare professional for a return to campus.
  • The university’s Human Resources team will be available to discuss leave opportunities to support their recovery as necessary.
  • Employees testing positive will receive a daily badge via the app used by the university community for returning to campus after providing clearance to return-to-work from a healthcare professional.

Cleaning and Disinfecting Protocols

Healthy Hilltop Sign

Examples of signage across campus to encourage social distancing and proper hygiene. 

Healthy Hilltop Sign
Healthy Hilltop Sign

Updated Nov. 17, 2020