Tailgating Toppers

Whether you are hosting a tailgate spot or just attending, here is everything you need to know about tailgating during Homecoming & Family Weekend.

Game Day Tailgating will take place on Saturday, February 18, 2017.  Set-up can begin as early as 9 a.m. and tear-down must be complete by 6 p.m. Please review the tailgating policies and regulations thoroughly before reserving a tailgating spot.  Sign up deadline is Monday, Feb. 6, 2017.

Reserving a tailgating spot is open to all campus departments, student organizations, and alumni groups, as well as family and friend gatherings.
In the tailgating spot request form, you will have the option to rent a 10'x10' tent through the university for a $50 fee or you may bring your own.  This fee must be paid as you complete your request.  Credit card accepted only. You may also request tables and chairs to be coordinated and dropped off by Facilities, free of charge. 


Request a tailgating spot

Sign up deadline is Monday, Feb. 6, 2017.

Homecoming Tailgate Grilling

Homecoming Tailgate 2016

Homecoming Tailgate

For more information on tailgating during Homecoming & Family Weekend or if you have questions, contact Michelle Mowry at 512-637-5644 or michelmo [at] stedwards.edu​​

Tailgating Tips & Best Practices

Things provided in the tailgating area:

  • Tent, tables and chairs, If requested through the spot request form
  • Trash cans
  • Recycle bins
  • Water from Water Monster
  • Smilebooth photo booth
  • Food available for purchase by local vendor
  • Charcoal containers for disposal

Food, Beverage & Catering:

  • Alcohol will not be available for purchase in the tailgating area this year. However, tailgaters are allowed to bring and consume their own alcohol, as long as they are following the tailgating policies. ID' s will be checked, and wristbands will be administered, at the tailgating entrances to ensure that those consuming alcohol are 21 and over.  Security will monitor the tailgating area to ensure that only those patrons with wristbands are consuming alcohol. Please bring identification if you plan on consuming alcohol in the tailgating area.
  • Prepare food in advance so you don't spend the whole time cooking, or if you do not have a way to cook on-site.
  • Have your attendees contribute and bring their own food or drinks. 
  • Please be sure you are following the tailgating food safety tips.
  • Hire a catering service, like Bon Appetit (Jack Norman, 512-428-1019 or jack.norman [at] cafebonappetit.com).
  • Be sure to have a way to keep hot foods warm and cold foods cold.
  • Stock up on napkins, plates, cups and utensils for your guests.
  • Although the sale of alcohol is prohibited, you can ask people to donate, chip-in or collect a general fee to cover costs.  Charging for food is allowed.
  • If you want to restrict access to your tailgating area, consider roping off your tent area and wristbanding your attendees to avoid having general attendees assuming your area is open to the public.

Activities, Seating and Set-up:

  • Get volunteers to come early and help set-up your tailgating area.
  • Bring games for people to play, like ladder golf, bean bags/cornhole, and kanjam.
  • Decorate your tent and/or have a sign so that your students, alumni, friends and/or family can find you.
  • Have people bring their own folding chairs.
  • The sale of merchandise is allowed in your tailgating area. 
  • If you have stuff that needs power, be sure to get a generator, or try for battery operated items. There is no access to electricity in the tailgating area.

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