Our diverse programs empower students to transcend traditional boundaries of thought and action

We create lifelong learners who are dedicated to personal growth, intellectual curiosity and creative passion. Your work in your major will go beyond the classroom, preparing you for success in your career through internships and real world experiences.

As a Humanities student, you will pursue life-enriching experiences.

See some of the amazing things our recent students have accomplished below:
  • Having work selected for the Austin's Critics Table
  • Pursuing a job in the field of fashion and design — and becoming Lady Gaga's stylist
  • Interviewing people in Scotland — and getting interviewed by the BBC
  • Interviewing and photographing women ranchers  and having the collection go on tour across the state
  • Earning a Fulbright scholarship

Our Mission

The School of Humanities continues to embody the foundational characteristics put forth by the Congregation of Holy Cross: courage to take risks, an international perspective and a commitment to providing educational opportunities for students of varied religious, educational and socio-economic backgrounds. Our efforts cultivate an understanding and appreciation of essential human knowledge. 

Our mission is to cultivate independent and accomplished citizens. To accomplish this, we offer experiences that instill students with the knowledge, ethical values and critical thinking skills needed for success in a globalized world. While each discipline has its own faculty, space and resources, all create an environment for excellence.

  • Small classes facilitate meaningful connections, ensure comprehension and ignite change.
  • Approachable faculty dedicate their time to providing personalized learning experiences.
  • Student-faculty collaborations promote exploration and allow students to gain an appreciation for the vast creative inheritance of humanity.
  • Vital “cross training” of lifelong skills essential for the lively debate of history, religion, the arts or philosophy are cultivated. 

Council for the Arts and Humanities

Our Arts and Humanities programs contribute to a vibrant, creative and intellectual climate at St. Edward’s. We support a number of programs, organizations and institutions, providing opportunities for exploration and self discovery. More information on past and upcoming events can also be found on the Council blog.

The Visiting Writers Series

The Marcia Kinsey Visiting Writers Series brings working writers, including award-winning novelists, poets and playwrights, to campus to read from their work, talk about their writing and interact with students. 

Mary Moody Northen Theatre

Mary Moody Northen Theatre operates on a professional model and stands at the center of the St. Edward's University professional theater training program under the School of Humanities. 

The Fine Arts Gallery

The Fine Arts Gallery showcases work from students and visiting artists from the Austin community and across the globe. 

The Center for Ethics and Leadership 

The Mission of the Center for Ethics and Leadership at St. Edward's University is to provide an organizing focus for curricular studies and co-curricular activities stemming from our Holy Cross and Catholic heritage and from our university mission statement's commitment to the dignity of all individuals.  For event and contact information click here. 

The Center for Religion and Culture

The Center for Religion and Culture provides a forum in which St. Edward’s University faculty, staff, and students can study how religion informs one’s global understanding along cultural, intellectual, artistic, and political lines.

Hilltop Views

The weekly student-run St. Edward's University newspaper invites students to cover the news in print and online. 


We have a myriad of musical groups on campus, representing a variety of musical genres. 


Our exceptional faculty challenge and motivate students to think critically and creatively. As a faculty, we inspire creative interest in the humanities by guiding students' exercise of critical thought in the classroom and in the world around them. We aim to impart new and pertinent information to help broaden perspectives and spark personal transformations. 

Our faculty collaborate with students and constantly pursue innovative teaching methods. We embody a bold spirit of adventure and take students abroad to France, Thailand, England, Italy, and other places as part of a greater pursuit to broaden our students' perspectives in the global community. 

We create educational experiences that promote the interests, strengths, and goals of each student. While committed to the flexibility required for learning, we also value the importance of a firm technical basis and strong work ethic. 

Our Humanities faculty members win internal teaching and advising awards, publish books, have pieces juried in exhibitions, perform in solo shows, and contribute to the art and culture of St. Edward's University and in Austin. 

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Listen Up and Speak Up
Associate Professor of Communication Teri Varner helps her students become better listeners and better speakers.