The Department of Literature, Writing and Rhetoric allows students to explore the nuances of the written word and visual rhetoric, while immersing in the greatest written works of the English language. Students in this program are intellectually challenged to hone their critical thinking skills and develop strong proficiency in written language. Students also have the opportunity to write for our award-winning, student-run journals.

Our programs teach students to interact with texts from a wide array of genres, cultures, and historical periods, as well as to produce their own texts through a mastery of language and basic design principles. Whether you seek to educate, persuade, or enrich, you'll learn how to express yourself analytically and creatively, and how to thrive in writing-intensive careers. Graduates are prepared for post-graduate studies or entry into professions that require critical thinking and excellent writing skills. St. Edward's University is also home to one of just a few undergraduate rhetoric programs in the nation.


Our department offers two BA programs, one in English Literature and one in English Writing and RhetoricWe also offer a Journalism minor and Women's Studies minor. 

In the English Literature major, students can choose the General degree plan or one with a sub-specialization in Creative Writing.

In the English Writing and Rhetoric major, students can choose the General degree plan or one with a sub-specialization in Creative Writing, Journalism, or Professional Writing.


Faculty & Staff

Student Organizations

St. Edward’s University features two award-winning, student-run journals and many different ways to get involved in literature and writing on campus. Below are publications and organizations that writing and literature students contribute to and staff.

Sorin Oak Review

The Sorin Oak Review is an annual literature and arts journal produced by St. Edward's University students. Anyone within the St. Edward's community may submit fiction, poetry, creative non-fiction essays, photography, and artwork.


Arete is an award-winning, student-run academic journal at St. Edward's University. First published in 1991, Arete is an annual publication that encourages students from all disciplines to submit research papers, essays, and theses that offer substantive, fresh, and well-researched arguments for an informed audience.

Hilltop Views

Hilltop Views is a weekly student newspaper published by the School of Humanities and serving the community of St. Edward's University. The newspaper publishes news stories, life and arts stories, and sports stories relevant to St. Edward's students. Students are encouraged to use this opportunity to develop their writing and reporting skills.

Sigma Tau Delta

Literature and English Writing students can consider joining Sigma Tau Delta, an international organization that promotes literacy worldwide. The St. Edward's chapter meets regularly and seeks to promote literacy.

Upcoming Events

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