The Department of Philosophy at St. Edward’s University helps prepare students to become innovative, logical thinkers with a wide range of marketable skills — from rational analysis and analytical thinking to critical inquiry and logical problem solving. 


Through the in-depth study of life’s fundamental questions, students who take courses within the Department of Philosophy will grow as individuals while being propelled into professional development. Students examine traditional areas of philosophy, such as logic, epistemology, political theory and religion. Studies may also explore ethics and debate moral dilemmas across the spectrum of society, including medicine, business, the environment, public policy and law.

Graduates from this department often continue their education with graduate degrees in studies such as philosophy, law or medicine.


Why Study Philosophy?

Why Study Philosophy?

Selected readings for students interested in studying Philosophy:

The lucrative ROI for philosophy majors: A Philosophy Degree Earns More Than An Accounting Degree, Jane Wells, Yahoo! Finance

The relevancy of philosophy today: Don’t Dismiss the Humanities, by Nicholas Kristof, The New York Times

John Cleese from Monty Python on why philosophy is important to study: John Cleese on Why Philosophy is Nothing to Laugh About, by John Cleese

Philosophy's role in shaping leaders: How Philosophy Makes You a Better Leader, David Brendel, The Harvard Business Review

How philosophy helps businesspeople: The Unexpected Way Philosophy Majors Are Changing the World of Business, Carolyn Gregoire, The Huffington Post

Faculty & Staff


Juniors and Seniors majoring in Religious and Theological Studies and Philosophy are eligible to apply for the Lillian Cervenka Scholarship and Arthur Kinsella Scholarship, awarded each spring. Recipients are announced at St. Edward's University Honors Night.

Professional Organizations and Resources

Professional Organizations

Online Resources

  • EpistemeLinks - over 19,000 categorized links to philosophy resources online
  • Idealist - Search for volunteer opportunities, events, action opportunities and other concrete ways to get involved, make sense of your options, connect with organizations you support
  • The Philosophers Magazine
  • Philosophy Now - a magazine of ideas

Student Organizations

Philosophy Club (Modern Philosophes)

This organization's goal is to cultivate dialogue about pertinent issues of our time in terms of philosophical discussion, panels, screenings, and thought-provoking events. The goal is to open peoples' minds and expand their way of thinking.