The Department of Visual Studies engages students in the critical understanding and creative production of contemporary culture. We support students in their efforts to situate themselves within a complex, interdisciplinary and technologically mediated world. 

The Department of Visual Studies at St. Edward's University is dedicated to developing the creative skills of students through course offerings in art history, graphic design, photography, video, painting, drawing, printmaking, ceramics and game studies. 

This department oversees the Understanding and Appreciating the Arts program, which all students at St. Edward's University take as part of their general education requirements. Students are encouraged to explore their creative side and participate in visual arts during their studies at our university, including entry level clay, drawing, watercolor, photography, art history and design courses.

Within this department, you can choose to major in Art, Graphic Design, Interactive Game Studies or Photocommunications. Minor degree offerings include Art, Art History, Graphic Design or Photocommunications.

VISU Open House Week Oct. 24–28th, 5–8pm

Monday Oct 24th – Friday Oct 28th, 5:00–6:30pm
Senior Project Public Presentations
Fine Arts Center, Room 113

Interactive sculpture. Film title design. Large scale embroidery. Sustainable 3D-printed  packaging. These are just a few of the diverse self-initiated investigations students in the Studio Art and Graphic Design programs are exploring in their senior projects. Join us for a week of  lively presentations and explore the exciting possibilities of being a student in the Department  of Visual Studies.

Monday Oct 24th, 6:30–7:30pm
Game Fair
Fine Arts Center, Room 121​

The Interactive Games Studies program is proud to present its first public Game Fair. Meet Professor Robert Denton Bryant and the student developers from this fall’s Advanced Game Production seminar, play their games, and tell them what you think! Featured student games include: “Shakespeare Dog,” “Don’t Wake Shylock,” “MacDeath: The Last Speareshaker,” and “Romeo & Juliet 2.”

Tuesday Oct 25th, 6:30–7:30pm
Experimental Type & Printmaking
Fine Arts Center, Risograph Lab, Room 110
Join Graphic Design Professor Jimmy Luu for an evening of typographic experimentation and printmaking in our Risograph Lab. The Risograph is a magical (and quirky) machine that combines the speed of a photocopier with the vibrant inks of a screen print. Come see what it (and you) can do, and curate your own collection of posters to take home!

Wednesday Oct 26th, 6:30–7:30pm
Joe Vitone: Family Records
Ragsdale Center, Room 338 (Refreshments served)
The Department of Visual Studies and the Office of Admission at St. Edward’s University invite you to a talk by documentary fine art photographer and photocommunications Professor Joe Vitone.

For prospective students, this event provides a unique opportunity to hear from Joe Vitone in a small, intimate setting. Vitone has lectured internationally on his work, and his photographs are held in numerous museum collections, including at the Smithsonian. He has been awarded individual artist funding through the National Endowment for the Arts and has been a Fulbright Scholar. Students interested in visual arts, photography or politics will find this event especially engaging.

In this illustrated presentation, Vitone will discuss his work, Family Records. This long-running series, which began in 1998, includes large format portraits that document members of the immedi-ate and extended families of the photographer and his wife. The majority of the subjects live in or near Akron, a blue-collar town in the election swing state of Ohio. Through this work, the audience will gain insight into the social, political, and economic priorities of this key Midwestern state.  Vitone also hopes this illustrated presentation will provide a unique lens into the political land-scape on the eve of this historic election. For a preview of the Family Records portraits, visit

Thursday, Oct 27th 6:30–7:30pm
Cast Impressions
Fine Arts Center, Room 116
Join Professor Tammie Rubin in this demonstration and hands-on workshop creating textural clay collages that will be cast in plaster. Participants should come ready to experiment and explore.

Friday, Oct 28th, 6:30–7:30pm
Me, Myself, and I: A Self-Portrait Study by Designers, Closing Reception
Fine Arts Center, Fine Arts Gallery (Refreshments Served)
Designers are often tasked with forming the face and voice for their clients. This poster exhibition aims to explore how designers see themselves from an external point of view. Oen Hammonds, Senior Designer and Head of IBM Design Bootcamp Experiences, invited designers to examine and interpret the theme of self-portraiture from a social, political or psychological point of view. The resulting exhibition features their diverse perspectives.

Student Organizations

Command G

Command G is a graphic design group which spreads the influence of design around campus. This group hopes to further students' on-the-job skills they may not encounter in normal classroom settings and assignments. 

Art Beat

The purpose of this organization is to provide an opportunity for St. Edward’s students to join together to explore, share, and engage in art-related activities. We want to create a strong artistic community that is open to everyone on campus.

Image-making Students Organization (ISO)

ISO aims to unite photo students, as well as those with an interest in photography and give students an opportunity for experiences outside of a classroom setting.