Location: The MCRC is housed with the Writing Center on the second floor of the Munday Library.
Hours: One-on-one consultations by appointment.

To make an appointment: Click on TutorTrac and log in.
IMPORTANT: TutorTrac is used by both the MCRC and the Writing Center. Make sure you get the appointment in the center you want.

Spring 2017 staff:
Mary Reilly
Laura Issen
David Uskovich

The Mission Course Resource Center is a tutoring lab designed to help students with any aspect of Capstone or American Dilemmas. In the lab students work one-on-one with a tutor who is a faculty member with experience teaching these courses. We meet with students at any stage of the process, whether you’re still choosing a topic or editing a final draft. While the MCRC is open to all students, those students deemed at risk of making a D or F in the course (as determined by cumulative GPA, a previous failed attempt at the course, or instructor recommendation) receive priority scheduling. For more details, contact Interim Capstone Director Susan Loughran.

How does the MCRC differ from the Writing Center?
We encourage students to use the Writing Center as well as the MCRC. Our services complement and do not compete with one another, although there may be some areas of overlap. The main difference between the two is that the MCRC focuses on content specific to Capstone and American Dilemmas. For instance, we can help students understand Capstone and American Dilemmas vocabulary, find and evaluate appropriate sources for their projects, analyze the arguments and moral reasoning, and develop portions of their oral presentations.

How does the MCRC work?
You may book two 45-minute appointments per week (but not for the same day).
Please arrive on time with hard copies of your drafts or revisions, any supplemental instructions from your professors, your handbook, and pen and paper with which to take notes.  Also, please bring anything else you wish to go over, such as research materials, Turnitin.com originality reports, class notes, power point slides for your oral presentation, expert interview questions, etc.

The MCRC WILL NOT edit, proofread or “fix” your paper. Our goal is to help you develop the skills and knowledge to improve your own work. Thus consultations less than 24 or 48 hours before a due date will focus on achievable goals within that time frame. The responsibility for improving a paper will always remain with the student.

After your session the MCRC instructor will send a note to your professor detailing what you worked on during that session.

If you cannot make your appointment, you MUST CANCEL ONLINE–preferably 24 hours prior to your scheduled slot.  Students who miss two scheduled appointments or cancel at the last minute twice will be barred from the MCRC until they have received permission from the Capstone director to start scheduling appointments again. Cancel your appointment by logging in again to TutorTrac.

Note that the primary purpose of the MCRC is to help struggling students who are at risk for repeating the course.  While the MCRC would like to help all mission course students, priority will be given to at-risk students and students who are repeating American Dilemmas or Capstone.
To arrange priority access, contact Interim Capstone Director Susan Loughran.

The MCRC schedules tutoring sessions 2 weeks in advance.  If you are having trouble booking a session, be sure to try on a weekly basis.