Message from the Director

Welcome to the Mathematics Tutoring Lab at St. Edward's, where we provide free services to students enrolled in lower division math courses. The mission of our tutoring lab is to improve student learning and academic performances for students in math courses up to Calculus II.

Students are encouraged to visit the lab to study, complete homework assignments and ask questions. We offer free, walk-in tutoring any time we are open. We hope that you will visit us early and often!

Hours and Location

The Math Tutoring Lab is located in JBWS 365. We are open for free, walk-in tutoring Monday-Thursday Noon-8pm and Sunday 6-9pm. We are closed on university holidays.

Fall 2019 Schedule

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Meet Our Tutors

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What courses do you tutor?

We tutor Math 0309 Basic Mathematics, Math 1312 Quantitative Reasoning, Math 1314 College Algebra, Math 1324 Math for Business, Math 2312 Precalculus, Math 2314 Calculus I and Math 2314 Calculus II*. (*Not all of our tutors can help with Calculus II.) We do not tutor any statistics courses at this time.

Who is your staff?

Tutors are current St. Edward's students who have excelled in math courses and have been recommended by math faculty. Ms. Cicciarelli also tutors in the lab eight hours a week. 

It's my first time going to the Math Lab. What should I expect?
The Math Lab is a relaxed space to work on math. When you walk in, sign in on the computer with your student ID number and then find a seat a the table marked for your course. A tutor will check in with you shortly. If a tutor looks available, please let them know when you are ready for help. All tutors wear a name tag while working.

What should I bring with me and how do I get help?

Please bring your class notes with you to the Math Lab. We have a copy of each textbook in the lab for students to use while in the lab. Tutors often check in with students in the lab to see if they need any help, but please let a tutor know if you are waiting to receive help. 

What can I expect from a tutor?

You can expect a tutor to ask you what you have already attempted on a question. They may inquire where the material is located in your notes. Our goal is to help you become a more independent learner, so please come prepared to invest your time and energy in fostering new and improved skills. Tutors cannot complete homework assignments for you and are not allowed to check work that will be graded. 

When I came to the Math Lab, it was so busy I couldn't get the help I needed. Is there a better time to come?

The Math Lab can get very busy on exam days and when course assignments are due. Typically, Mondays and Wednesdays are the least busy days. It's a good idea to start assignments with plenty of time in advance of a due date and to visit our lab far in advance of an exam.

I'm frustrated that the tutor I asked did not give the final answer to my math problem. Why didn't they help me?

Our tutors are trained in helping you develop responsibility of your own learning so you can approach many math problems on your own in the future. Tutors are specifically instructed not to work homework problems for students and to involve students in the process. 

If you feel that a tutor did not adequately check back in with you after providing initial assistance, ask them to. Tutors multi-task helping students in the lab in order to decrease wait time.

If you have any concerns about a tutor or your tutoring experience, please contact the Math Lab Director, Ms. Cicciarelli at monicac [at] stedwards.edu or leave anonymous feedback here.

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