Resource guide for New College

How many hours can be transferred in? 

Up to 66 credits may be transfered in from a regionally accredited two-year school. The coursework must be college level (not developmental) and a grade of “C” or higher is required to be eligible for transfer. There is not a limit on transferring in credits from a regionally accredited four-year school, if they are relevant to the degree plan, are college level, and have a grade of “C” or higher. Ultimately, a minimum of 30 hours must be earned in residence at St. Edward’s, including half of the hours within the major.

Do you offer online courses? 

Selected courses are available online; however, the only major that is available completely online is Public Safety Management. The majority of classes meet once a week, in the evening. Classes are available on the main campus as well as the North Austin campus. Classes on the main campus are offered Monday through Thursday, typically from 6:30–9:20 p.m. North Austin classes are offered from 6:00–8:50 p.m. Students can choose to take classes at either campus as they are available.

I’m interested in a major that is offered through the traditional daytime program. Can I pursue a daytime major through New College? 

New College students are generally allowed to pursue daytime major coursework. Students who choose a daytime major must be available to attend daytime courses that are offered on a traditional schedule and pay the traditional program tuition costs. Students are encouraged to speak with an admission counselor to determine whether the New College adult program or the traditional daytime undergraduate program is the best fit.

How long will it take me to graduate?

Some students are able to finish in a few semesters while some take several years. It depends on the amount of transfer credit brought in and whether a student takes advantage of opportunities to accelerate their degree with the portfolio program and/or CLEP tests. For more information on CLEP tests. 

What is the portfolio program? 

The portfolio program is exclusively available to New College students. It is an opportunity for adult students to document college-level learning that they have acquired through work or other experiences. There are a series of free workshops that New College students can take to learn how to create, document and submit portfolios. The fee to submit a portfolio for review is $75 per credit requested. 

Where should I mail transcripts and recommendation letters? 

Application materials can be mailed to:
St. Edward’s University
Attn: Office of Admission
3001 South Congress Avenue
Austin, Texas 78704

I’m not sure if the New College program is right for me. How can I learn more?

The website is a great place to start. There prospective students can find information about the majors offered and opportunities available through New College. We highly recommend that prospective applicants attend a New College information session. Information sessions are held every 4-6 weeks, depending on the time of year. These sessions are typically offered in the evening, beginning at 6 p.m. If you are not available to attend an information session, please call the Admission office at 512-448-8500 to schedule an appointment with an admission counselor.

Are New College students eligible for financial aid? 

New College students are encouraged to apply for financial aid by filling out the FAFSA form. New College students can qualify for student loans or pell grants, if they meet specified criteria. Students will be assigned a designated financial aid advisor upon admission to help answer questions about financing their education. For more information, visit:

What is the St. Edward’s school code for the FAFSA form? 


How much does it cost to attend? 

Tuition for the 2014–2015 academic year is $833 per credit, or $2,499 per three credit-hour class. Most students attend part-time, taking six hours per term, year round. New College students are encouraged to fully utilize our portfolio program in order to save time and money as they finish their degree. The fee to submit a portfolio for review is $75 per credit requested.

Are scholarships available? 

St. Edward’s does not typically offer scholarship assistance to incoming New College students attending on a part-time basis. There may be limited scholarship opportunities available for students planning to attend as a full-time student (12+ credits per term). We also recommend that you research outside scholarship opportunities, such as the ones listed on our Student Financial Services page:…

I’ve attended several colleges. Do I need to send transcripts from each school I previously attended? 

Yes. In order to apply for New College admission, students must send a sealed, official transcript from each regionally accredited school previously attended, even if it was just one class. Schools can send official transcripts electronically or by post. Transcripts must arrive sealed and must have been printed within the last calendar year to be considered official.

I can’t provide a transcript because I owe another school money. 

Before applying to St. Edward’s, students need to take care of any financial or other outstanding obligations with previously attended schools. Official transcripts from each school previously attended are required.

Are recommendation letters required?

Recommendation letters are optional. Recommendations can come from a professor, supervisor or colleague. Choose a recommender who can speak to your professional or academic abilities.

When is the application deadline? 

The New College program for adult learners offers several entry terms. It is best to apply early.
August enrollment deadline: July 1
October enrollment deadline: Sept. 1
January enrollment deadline: Dec. 1
March enrollment deadline: Feb. 1
May enrollment deadline: April 1

How will I know if my application is complete? 

Once you submit your application, you will receive an email within 48-72 hours that contains directions to "claim your account" and obtain access to the online status checker. The status checker will allow you to see when we receive documents, which items are missing, and when your file goes to the Admission Committee for review.

I’ve already applied for admission and haven’t heard anything back yet.  

The application might be in committee review, or it might not be complete yet. Use the online application status checker available in myhilltop for an update.

How long will it take for the admission committee to review my application? 

Once all required application materials have arrived, the application will go to the committee for review. The review process generally takes 2-4 weeks. Students may be contacted by email if the committee has additional questions or a request for more information, in which case the file would be placed on “hold” status. Once the requested information is received, the application will return to committee review and will be reviewed within 2-4 weeks. It is best to apply early to ensure that the committee has plenty of time to review the application.

What are the admission committee decisions based on? 

Finding the right mix of adult students for admission to New College at St. Edward's involves a careful process of evaluation. We consider your work and life experience, your grade point average and the strength of your personal essay, which describes why you want to attend New College. We don’t use formulas or quotas to determine whom to accept. We attract dedicated, motivated adult learners, focused on career readiness and personal enrichment. Still, grades and experience alone do not confirm a good fit. When reviewing applications, the committee also considers whether the applicant has demonstrated the ability to succeed at a university that emphasizes academic challenge, engaged learning, and collaboration.

I’ve been admitted. What do I do next? 

Congratulations! The next step is to return the statement of intent (SOI) form to the Admission Office. The SOI form was enclosed with your acceptance letter. If you need a new copy of your SOI form, please login to the myhilltop admission portal on our website or e-mail your admission counselor. Once an admitted student returns his or her statement of intent letter to the admission office, the student’s file will be reviewed by transcript evaluators who will perform an official transfer of credit (TOC) review. Once that review is complete (usually 3-5 days) the TOC will be sent to the academic adviser. At that time, your academic adviser will contact you via email to schedule your first advising appointment.

My application was denied. What are my options? 

It is the applicant’s responsibility to craft the strongest application possible. The admission committee evaluates application materials including (any) college transcripts, the cumulative grade point average (GPA), the admission essay, resume and (if submitted) recommendation letters to determine if the student is academically prepared to be successful in our challenging, writing-intensive program. If you wish to re-apply to the program and would like to discuss opportunities to strengthen your application, please contact your admission counselor at: 512-448-8500. Suggestions for improvement might include completing coursework at a community college to further build one’s academic foundation.