The Department of Computer Information Science at St. Edward’s University helps prepare students for careers in business and industry, working with the design and implementation of applications and new technology.

This department provides students with a strong theoretical and practical foundation in computer science. Coursework covers programming languages, systems analysis, design, networking, operating systems, advanced math and database theory.

Graduates from this department may work as systems analysts, designing and developing computer systems for the specific needs of a company, or as information system specialists, building databases and managing a company’s computer systems, communications systems and information delivery.

Students may also continue their education to advance their careers by working toward graduate degrees, such as a MS in Management Information Systems or an MBA.


The Department of Computer Information Science emphasizes experiential learning. Students within this department will enroll in at least three semesters of research courses and join a student-faculty research group with the goal of producing and presenting professional-level work.

Faculty & Staff