The Department of Criminal Justice prepares students for work in a variety of public organizations and enables them to explore such diverse topics as forensic science, administration, public safety, and political science.

This department oversees the Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice. Students in this department learn important knowledge about managing local, state, and national government organizations. Students acquire knowledge and skills in strategic planning, allocating resources, managing employees, leading an organization, and coordinating people and resources. Students in this department often seek careers with a high level of service to others. Graduates find employment options offer rewarding careers that allow them to follow their passion and give back to the community.

Graduates will be prepared to work in a variety of settings, including law enforcement agencies, youth and criminal justice centers, and government organizations at the local, state, and federal level. Graduates pursue work as law enforcement officers, parole specialists, legal professionals, crime analysts, attorneys, city officials, public policy developers, community organizers, nonprofit fundraisers, and contract administrators. 

Guest Speakers

The Department of Criminal Justice features guest speakers who provide on-the-job insights for students. These guest speakers help to provide students with an understanding of professionalism and help further prepare students for their post-graduation career experiences.

Faculty & Staff