The Department of Liberal Arts at St. Edward’s University is aimed at connecting a student’s life interests with their professional ambitions.

Classes within this department focus on self-discovery study topics that parallel educational and career pursuits. The curriculum helps students develop the skills and knowledge they need to understand issues from varying perspectives. This program engages students in an exploration of critical and creative thinking and teaches them how to apply their knowledge to career paths.

This department includes students in the Master of Liberal Arts program. It provide students with flexibility to pursue specific interests and a breadth of knowledge that can contribute to success in a variety of career paths. 

Graduates from this department go on to work in journalism, marketing, museums, counseling, law, social services, teaching, curriculum development, and other fields. Some graduates continue their education in a PhD program.


Students may earn credit for completing an optional internship to pursue a professional interest or supplement their academic program. Some students have pursued internships with organizations such as the Mexi-Arte Museum and Austin Area Interreligious Ministries. 

Faculty & Staff

New Literati

Students in New College can receive credit for their contributions to New Literati, a literary magazine housed under New College. New Literati is one of two literary journals on campus, and its expanded reach now means they accept submissions from all students and alumni of St. Edward’s University.