New College Undergraduate Advising

Our advisors seek to introduce students to the full intellectual richness of New College studies. We support academic and intellectual pursuits with course planning, exploration of credit opportunities and guidance.

It is our mission to provide accurate, timely academic advising with a personal touch. In addition, we serve as a point of contact for our students and refer them to appropriate campus services.

Advising Specialists

New College advisors assist students with course planning, exploring options for earning credit, and ensuring that students meet all degree requirements. We recommend you meet with your advisor at least once a year to devise strategies to accomplish both short- and long-term educational goals.

Appreciative Advising

Appreciative Advising embraces an appreciative mindset that offers an advising framework that intentionally support students in their dreams and goals while building trust and uncovering strengths and skills. To learn more about how New College uses Appreciative Advising, please view this video:


Course Overload 

If a New College course you need is full, please fill out the overload request form and return it to your advisor via fax or email attachment. For traditional courses, please contact the appropriate school for overload request procedures.

Course Clearance 

In order to alert your advisor that you are blocked from a course, complete the Course Clearance Request form and email to your advisor. Your advisor will determine if clearance is warranted.

Transfer Approval 

Before taking any exams or courses off campus, please fill out the Transfer Work Approval Request Form and return it to your advisor for approval via fax or email attachment.