SEU Portfolio of Significant Active Government Grants, Subawards, and Contracts - August 2017

National Science Foundation (NSF)

RUI, Division of Integrative Organismal Systems: Examining Molecular Players Integrating Autophagy and Neuronal Development and Maintenance.  PI: Andrea Holgado, Biological Sciences. Award amount $600,000; grant period 2017–2021.

DUE, S-STEM: Rewarding Achievement in Mathematics and Science (RAMS) Scholarships. PI: Richard Kopec, Computer Science. Award amount $729,390; grant period 2014-2021.

IUSE: SEU Living Learning Community/Active Learning (LLCAL) Project. PI: Richard Kopec, Computer Science. Co-PIs: Jason Callahan, Tricia Shepherd, Michael Kart, and Teresa Bilinski. Grant amount $1,608,224; grant period 2015-2020.

IRES: Assessing the Effects of Human Activity Related to Sustainability and Biodiversity Conservation on Tropical Forests and Primates. PI: Peter Beck, Environmental Science and Policy. Award amount $250,000; grant period 2016–2019.

Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program: Noyce Phase II Monitoring and Evaluation at SEU. PI: Steve Fletcher, Teacher Education. Award amount $294,473; grant period 2014–2018.

IUSE: Digital Imaging and Vision Applications in Science (DIVAS). Awarded to Doane College; Co-PI: Raychelle Burks, Chemistry, receiving up to a quarter of total award amount $300,000; grant period 2017–2019.

Department of Education

College Student Migrant Program (CAMP). PI: Perla Delgado, CAMP Director. Award Amount $2,125,000; grant period 2015–2020.

Ronald E. McNair Postbaccalaureate Achievement Program. PI: Molly Minus, Associate VP Academic Affairs. Award amount $1,189,650: grant period 2017–2022.

United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)

NIFA; The Agricultural-STEM Pipeline: Progressive Experiential Learning Linking Three HIS Academic Tiers (Ag-STEM). PI: Fidelma O’Leary, Biological Sciences. Co-PIs Bill Quinn, Raelynn Deaton Haynes, and Chuck Hauser. Award amount $275,000; grant period 2015–2019.

U.S. Forest Service Agreement: Washington Office Civil Rights Multicultural Workforce Strategic Initiatives. PI: Bill Quinn, Biological Sciences. Agreement amount to date $219,412; contract period 2015–2021.

Research, Education, and Economics, Agricultural Research Station Kerrville, TX: Bioinformatic Analysis of Transcriptome Data from Ticks and Biting Flies. PI: Charles Hauser, Biological Sciences. $0 contract; contract period 2015–2018.

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

NASA, Research Opportunities in Space and Earth Sciences (ROSES): Atmospheric Composition Modeling and Analysis Program (ACMAP). Awarded to Morgan State University. Subaward Co-Investigator Gary Morris, Mathematics. Subaward amount $30,166; subaward period 2015–2017.

NASA, Universities Space Research Association (USRA/GESTAR): S02 Validation Project in Costa Rica. PI: Gary Morris, Mathematics. Award amount $195,000; award period 2017–2021.

State of Texas

Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB): Work-Study Mentorship Program. PI: Gloria White, Director Sponsored Programs. Award amounts total $150,000; Annual funding from 2012–2018.

Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TQEC), San Antonio Sondes. Awarded to University of Houston. Subcontract PI: Gary Morris, Mathematics. Subcontract amount $80,323; subcontract period 2017–2018.

Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ): 2017 El Paso Ozone Transport Field Study. Prime Contractor is New Mexico State University.  Subcontractor PI: Gary Morris, Mathematics. Subcontract amount $109,708; subcontract period 2017.

Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ): Ozonesonde Launches for 2017 San Antonio Field Study. Prime Contractor is the University of Houston.  Subcontractor PI: Gary Morris, Mathematics. Subcontract amount $99,402; subcontract period 2016–2017.

Texas Audubon Society: Commons Ford Prairie Vegetation Surveys. PI: Amy Concilio, Environmental Science and Policy. Contract amount $1,003; contract period 2017. Annually contract renewable.

City of Austin

Austin Convention & Visitors Bureau: Heritage Grants. PI: Tim Toney, Facilities Project Manager. Award amounts total $60,000; Annual funding from 2014– 2017.

Hispanic Alliance and Austin SoundWaves: Austin Soundwaves Program Evaluation. PI: Anna Escamilla, Social Work. Contract amount $10,070; contract period 2016–2017. Contract under renewal.