The University Post Office provides students, faculty, and staff with postal services including sales of envelopes and stamps, mailing packages by Priority mail or UPS, as well as sorting and delivering incoming University and personal mail to campus mailboxes. Because the University Post Office does not function as a branch of the U.S. Postal Service, not all services are available.

All sales to individuals are cash only.

Mail Delivery Times and Drop-off Deadlines

  • Mail is typically sorted and put into the mailboxes by 2 p.m. Please allow more time due to the volume of mail on Mondays and after holidays.
  • The drop-off deadline for outgoing mail is at 3:45 p.m.

Addressing Student Mail

Students living in the on-campus apartments use the following address:

Student's FULL NAME

Note that students’ apartment numbers must be included for UPS and FedEx deliveries.

Students residing in all remaining residence halls use the following address:

Student’s FULL NAME
Name of Residence Hall

Moving Off Campus

  • Students are responsible for updating their local address in myHilltop. The University Post Office forwards all first-class mail to the student’s local address IF the student updated the address record in myHilltop. If a student fails to update their address in myHilltop, the SEU Post Office forwards first class mail to the student’s permanent address. 
  • Students are responsible for notifying businesses and magazine publishers of their new address. 
  • The University Post Office forwards mail for 45 days for students who lived on-campus the previous semester.

Assignment Drop-off

Students may turn in assignments for placement in a professor’s mailbox. Students must log the assignment with their name, the professor’s name, and mailbox number. The University Post Office does not time-stamp assignments. Date information is captured when assignments are recorded in the log. 

Campus Mail

When addressing campus mail, please provide the correct campus mailbox number, not the recipients’ room number or phone extension. Mailbox numbers can be located by consulting the  directory.