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What Is FARM?

The FARM workshops, funded by the National Science Foundation, are intended to give new SEU Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) majors an opportunity to work with STEM faculty, returning STEM majors, and new students in workshops designed to give you an introduction to research in the STEM fields. There are no tests, no homework, and no grades – just an opportunity to move-in to campus early, get acclimated to your new home, and make new friends well before classes begin, all while getting a head start in your discipline of choice.

This is also a terrific opportunity to learn about disciplines that may be new to you, like Bioinformatics, a cross between computer science, biology, and data science; and disciplines you have seen on TV like Forensic Science which you may want to explore. This is an opportunity to broaden your horizons and possibly envision of whole new career that really sparks your passion! There is no risk for exploring topics unfamiliar to you. Be sure to sign up for FARM as soon as possible before the workshops reach their enrollments caps – it’s free!

To reserve your place, select the FARM workshop reservation link on the left, answer all the questions, make your choices, and submit the application as soon as possible. Some workshops may fill and close, so sooner is better than later!