LLC STEM Majors joining the various Living Learning Communities (Global Engagement, Honors, Leadership, Science, Social Justice, Wicked Problems) have been preferentially housed on the same floor of the residence hall in which the LLC is based in order to facilitate the implementation of various academic support opportunities for students majoring in science, technology, engineering, or math (STEM).

We recommend that the students in each LLC take the same sections of common science and math courses as well to support the creation of cohorts via these LLC Common Course Recommendations. We asked recently graduating students who participated in the Science LLC as freshmen their thoughts on enrolling in common courses and this is what they said:

At any given time, 2-3 people were studying together.” Another student suggested that the cohort-scheduling of classes “made it bearable and forced us to study and struggle through it together. It brought us closer and helped us understand it better because you understand information better when you explain it to others.


“It was great because we could study together. We would work problems on the windows in our hall. The tutors were also helpful, especially calculus. It was good because I saw study habits of my peers. Even though I would rather do something else, I saw others working, so I worked at the same time as them.”

Even after living together, LLC students continued to study together. One student said that the LLC “helped me learn how to study in a group,” and another mentioned, “I always work together with people now.

To facilitate your chances of ending up in the same courses and sections as your fellow STEM LLC peers, we have constructed a set of course and section recommendations.  The recommended courses and sections by LLC are listed in the table below.

Recommended Courses/Sections for LLC STEM Majors, Fall 2021
updated 4/19/21

Course Meeting Day/Time
BIOL 1107.04
BIOL 1107.05
BIOL 1107.06

T 2
BIOL 1307.09 TR 9:30
CHEM 1140.05 W 2
CHEM 1340.02 MWF 1
COSC 1423.02 MW 2 & W 3:30
FRSC 1319.01 TR 8
MATH 2312.03 MWF 11
MATH 2413.03 MWF 1 & R 2
SCIE 1100.01 M 9
Science 1 - LeMans
Course Meeting Day/Time
BIOL 1107.08
BIOL 1107.09
W 2
BIOL 1307.02 MWF 10
CHEM 1140.04 T 5:30
CHEM 1340.03 TR 2
COSC 1423.02 MW 2 & W 3:30
FRSC 1319.01 TR 8
FSEM 1409.01 TR 9:30
MATH 2312.03 MWF 11
MATH 2413.02 MWF 12 & R 12:30
Science 2 - Hunt
Course Meeting Day/Time
BIOL 1107.10
BIOL 1107.11
T 2
BIOL 1307.01 MWF 9
CHEM 1140.04 T 5:30
CHEM 1340.03 TR 2
COSC 1423.02 MW 2 & W 3:30
FRSC 1319.02 TR 9:30
FSEM 1409.02 TR 11-12:15
MATH 2312.02 MWF 10
MATH 2413.01 MWF 10 & R 9:30