Vision statement

St. Edward’s University will educate students for the opportunities and challenges of a 21st-century world.

Why Go Global? 

At St. Edward’s, we see global experience as a keystone of education, whether you plan to someday work for a multinational corporation, at a nonprofit delivering food and supplies for relief efforts, as an entrepreneur inventor of a new technology or as a teacher in a small rural school in the United States.

In the last 10 years, the focus on mission-centered education has positioned St. Edward’s as one of the best small universities in the country. Now, we look to the future, in which international borders will be more permeable; where service, leadership and problem-solving transcend cultural boundaries; and where virtual classrooms unite students of all backgrounds.

University graduates in the 21st century will live and work in this culturally, economically, religiously and politically interdependent world. St. Edward’s is committed to academic excellence that is informed by a world perspective.

Strategic Plan 2015 will guide us in preparing an increasingly diverse and academically talented student body to thrive in this challenging new century — while maintaining a personalized educational experience that emphasizes critical thinking and social justice.

Mapping Our Future

Academic programs at St. Edward’s have long included international majors and language degrees. We’ve recently added a Certificate in Global Understanding that allows students to enhance their chosen degree and to better prepare to lead in an interconnected world and global economy.

In the tradition of our Holy Cross founders, we’ve embarked on new partnerships around the world to provide students every advantage for the new century. From Germany, Scotland, France, Asia and the Middle East to partnerships with Apple®, Microsoft®, Institut Bois-Robert, Université Catholique de L’Ouest, Queen Margaret University and others, St. Edward’s is growing relationships abroad. This will enable students to experience education through a vast and diverse array of lenses.

Centers of Excellence at St. Edward’s bring world-renowned speakers from around the world to debate social justice, economic and political issues or prepare faculty to teach for this brave new world. Events have included a dialogue between Madeleine Albright, former U.S. secretary of state, and Rosario Green, former secretary of state of Mexico; and a panel of international economists discussing the global economy and the Obama administration’s economic initiatives.

On the Austin campus, multicultural experiences underpin both the academic and the social experience for students at St. Edward’s. Embracing Hispanic, Asian, African, European and other cultural traditions, you’ll find food festivals, mariachi bands, Sunday Mass, the Autumn Moon Festival, Ramadan celebrations and Hillel Toppers sharing Passover. Students enrich each other by sharing their own traditions through campuswide events and through a variety of clubs and organizations.

See how students at St. Edward's are expanding their worldview — in the classroom, on campus and abroad.

Read Strategic Plan 2015: Academic Distinctiveness and Global Preparedness (PDF).