Ready to challenge yourself to take action and inspire others to make a difference?

St. Edward's offers a variety of award-winning programs designed to help you discover and develop your leadership strengths and talents — skills that will carry you far in your career and in life.


Leadership Development Programs

Eco-Lead Costa Rica

Global leadership program that combines in-depth study of the Costa Rican economy, governmental structure, local culture and society, and regional ecosystems to provide a firsthand experience of a Central American country.

Hilltop Leaders

Open to freshmen and sophomores interested in developing leadership skills and seeing leadership at work in different settings. Culminates with a study tour of Washington, D.C.

Leading EDGE

Trains students to work with groups and individuals through team-building sessions and leadership workshops.


Incorporates a relationship-based approach to leadership that focuses on personal discovery and leading with integrity.

Student Leadership Team

A group of highly motivated students who implement the programs listed above, while developing their own leadership skills and abilities.