St. Edward's University students who have meet with a disability counselor, presented documentation, and previously received a 504 Accommodation Letter from Student Disability Services are considered to be Current SDS Students. In order to continue accessing accommodations, each Current SDS Student must request and share their letter with faculty. We recommend that all Current SDS Students follow this process at the very beginning of each semester so appropriate accommodations can be provided in a timely manner.  If you are planning on participating in study abroad, please contact your SDS counselor to discuss how we can best serve you overseas.

Requesting a 504 Accommodation Letter

Beginning Spring 2016, Student Disability Services will be delivering all 504 Accommodation Letter to students electronically using Box. Follow these easy steps to access your letter and share it with your faculty member.

  1. Fill out the student 504 Accommodation Letter Request Form at the beginning of each semester.
  2. Within 2 bussiness days check your Box account to see if your 504 Letter is ready to view. For instructions on how to access Box, view the video below. 
  3. Invite your professor(s) to view your 504 Letter folder and assign your professor(s) the "Editor" permission. 
  4. Meet with your professor(s) about how the accommodations will be used in their class. 

New to Student Disability Services and need accommodations for the first time? Get started here.