Students approved by Student Disability Services (SDS) for testing accommodations must deliver an accommodation letter to professors as soon as possible and discuss how testing accommodations will be met.  Students have the option of taking their exams in class, in the SDS Testing Center, or arranging exam accommodations with his or her professor. 
Special Note for Temporary Conditions: A student who has a temporary illness (e.g. cold or flu), is recovering from surgery not based on a long-term condition, or loses mobility for a short period of time (e.g. due to a broken limb, appendage, or surgery) would not be considered to have a disability and cannot test in the SDS Testing Center.

Hours of Operation and Contact Information

Monday - Friday
8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (All testing will conclude at 5 p.m.)
Moody Hall, Room 155
Email: sdstest [at] (subject: SDS%20Testing%20Center%20Question)
Phone: 512-448-8659

Scheduling Exams with the SDS Testing Center:

  1. Fill out a SDS Testing Center Reservation Form in advance (at least two days before you plan on testing).
    • If you need assistance signing up, you may also complete the form at the SDS Testing Center front desk.
  2. All exams and quizzes should be taken at the same day and time as the class.
    • Exams taken at a different time than the class must be approved by the professor.
  3. Students must notify the professor before every exam they would like to take in the SDS Testing Center.  
  4. The professor will deliver the exam before the exam time.

Student Responsibilities - Day of the Test:

  1. Please arrive promptly at the scheduled exam time.
    • If you are more than 10 minutes late for an exam you will not be allowed to test without approval from your professor.
    • Studying in the SDS Testing Center instead of beginning the exam is not allowed.  
  2. If for any reason you cannot take an exam at the scheduled time (illness, course withdrawal, etc.) or you decide to take it in class, you are responsible for notifying the SDS Testing Center and your professor before your scheduled test time.
  3. If you are unclear about exam instructions or conditions:
    • The SDS Testing Coordinator will attempt to contact your professor.
    • You will be allowed to include a note that will be delivered with your exam.
  4. Students are not permitted to leave the SDS Testing Area once you have begun your exam (unless a medical condition requires it).
  5. Scrap paper will be provided and must be turned in with the exam.
  6. All electronic devices including cell phones must be silenced and stored with belongings outside the testing room.
  7. No food is allowed (unless a medical condition requires it).
  8. Only water cup or bottle with a lid are allowed (unless a medical condition requires it).

Faculty Responsibilities:

  1. Speak with student about testing accommodations arrangements, after reviewing the student's accommodation letter.
  2. Once a student submits a test request, the faculty member will receive an email with the testing details. Please review the following:
    • Testing date and time
    • Materials allowed (accommodations and materials the entire class can use)
    • NOTE: If any of the items listed above are incorrect please contact Heidi Morse and the student as soon as possible to discuss what needs to be changed.
  3. Deliver exams via email (sdstest [at] or in person (MH 155).
  4. Provide the following information or complete the SDS Testing Center Exam Instruction Sheet:
    • Time allowed in class for the exam.
    • Deadline to administer the exam (date, time, or if allowing flexible schedule for administration).
    • Materials allowed to use while student is testing (excluding SDS accommodations).
  5. Method of delivery (pick up in person (MH 155) or scan and email).
    • If you choose to have the completed test emailed, this will be done at the end of the day by Testing Coordinator.
    • Due to security concerns, we will no longer be returning tests via campus mail.

​SDS Testing Integrity Policy:

  1. In order to test at the SDS Testing Center, students must follow the policies below. Students will acknowledge the following policies by initialing the SDS Test Center Reservation form prior to testing:
  2. While testing, SDS Testing Coordinator has the right to enter the testing room and circulate during the exam.
  3. Cheating is not tolerated in the SDS Testing Center. If a student is found to be violating the Code of Conduct or Academic Integrity Polices, the following will occur:
    • The student's test will be stopped and the student will be asked to leave the Testing Room.
    • Inappropriate materials found will be confiscated by Testing Coordinator.
    • Student will talk to Testing Coordinator and if necessary, the SDS Director.
    • Faculty will be contacted to decide further action.
    • Test and materials are returned to faculty.