Student Disability Services coordinates interpreting services for classes and other academic activities for students registered with SDS. Interpreting services are outsourced to a third party service. All interpreters are selected based on an assessment of interpreting skills and the ability to handle the level of discourse common in a university setting. All interpreters are certified as Texas BEI, Level 3 Flash Advanced or higher, and NIC.

If you are registered with Student Disability Services and would like to request interpreting services please fill out:

On-Going (Semester) Request for Interpreting Services

Single Event Request for Interpreting Services

To modify or cancel an interpreter, please sds [at] (subject: Interpreter%20Modification%20or%20Cancellation) (email) SDS as soon as possible. 

​Note: Interpreting services are available for all university activities, please contact the office hosting the event or activity to request interpreting services.