Student Disability Services will coordinate interpreting for deaf or hard of hearing students registered with the office. Interpreting services are outsourced to a third party service. All interpreters are selected based on an assessment of interpreting skills and the ability to handle the level of discourse common in a university settings. All interpreters are certified as Texas BEI, Level 3 Flash Advanced or higher, and NIC.

Student Disability Services arranges interpreters for students registered with Student Disability Services and are participating in academic activities. If you are registered with Student Disability Services and would like to request interpreting services please fill out:

Request for Interpreting Services - Semester Class Schedule

Request for Interpreting Services - Single Event

Students who have entered a request but need to modify or cancel an interpreter, please email hmorse [at] (subject: Cancel%20or%20Modify%20Interpreter) (K)kendalls [at] (subject: ASL%20Interpreter%20Request) (endall Swanson) the following details as soon as possible:

  1. Date of the event
  2. Changes that need to be made

If you are not registered with Student Disability Services please refer to our Accommodation Process.

Special Note: ASL interpreting services are available for all university activities, please contact the office hosting the event or activity to request interpreting services.