Students with disabilities may request permission to record class lectures and discussions. Recording class materials in audio format is allowed when the student provides notification of the accommodation to the instructor. The student must provide his/her own recording device and may discuss with the instructor the best placement of the recording device. SDS can serve as a resource for questions regarding the recording accommodation. 

Students should inform the instructor that you will be using an audio recorder in their class as an approved accommodation. 

Some aspects to consider when choosing an audio recorder are:  

  • size of the recorder 
  • number of tracks 
  • internal/external mic 
  • memory  

Note: If you have financial concerns about purchasing a recording device, please contact SDS for loan options. 

Faculty may request that a student who has been approved for use of recorder sign a statement acknowledging appropriate uses of the recorded material. An example statement follows: 

" By signing this statement I acknowledge I plan to utilize the accommodation offered in my accommodation letter permitting me to audio record this class.  I will do so with discretion, and I hereby promise that any audio recording done in class will be for this course's study purposes only. I promise that no portion of any said recording(s) will be shared, transferred, transmitted, copied beyond my personal use."