Raising Funds for Your Organization

Student Life gives students the ability to participate in a variety of student organizations that provide opportunities for student leadership, learning and connection outside of the classroom. While supported by Student Life, the success of student organizations depends primarily on the student leaders and members of each organization.

Student organizations have the unique challenge of funding the majority of their activities through membership dues, fundraisers and generous donations from outside supporters. 

Common costs associated with student organizations include: resources for hosting large campus events, member development, travel costs for out-of-town conferences and official organization t-shirts. Organizations engage in fundraising activities throughout the year to offset the growing costs associated with being active and successful on campus.  

Donate to a Student Organization

If you wish to contribute to a student organization, please visit the St. Edward's University online giving site.

You can select a specific organization for your donation by clicking on the button "Student Organization Designations" on the second page, or by filling in the organization's name in the space provided.

Apply for ROC Funding

The ROC provides limited funding for student organizations. This funding should directly support an organization's purpose or mission. The maximum amount of funding any student organization can receive is $2,000. This is not a guaranteed amount and many variables are taken into consideration before being voted on by the ROC.

Apply for ROC Funding through the application on CollegiateLink

If you have questions about funding, contact jgriffin [at] stedwards.edu (John Griffith)

Soliciting Donations

If you'd like to solicit donations from businesses, you must provide a list of those businesses to the ROC. The list will be submitted to University Advancement for approval, and you will be notified of their decision. This ensures that our university fundraising efforts are coordinated so we do not overburden a single person or entity.

Learn more on the event submission form through your organization's page on CollegiateLink.