Learn the Ins and Outs of College

Hilltop Mentors supports the lives of first semester and new transfer students at St. Edward’s through various leadership, mentoring and group activities. Our goals are to assist students during their transitions into campus life, and to establish relationships that provide encouragement for academic and social growth and exploration.

The Mentorship Experience

Mentoring is a relationship that, when consciously grounded in learning, is beneficial for both the mentor and mentee. This experience is about supporting growth and development, fostering community engagement, and encouraging each individual to make the most of their time at St. Edward’s.

Program Benefits for Students

Benefits include:

  • An immediate connection with St. Edward’s University community members who can offer a full picture of campus life and answer your questions.
  • Clear and easy ways for meeting other students, faculty and staff who may share similar backgrounds or interests – both academic and extracurricular.
  • Friendly advice and guidance in a supportive environment.
  • Fun activities, programs and events that touch on broad aspects of the St. Edward’s experience.

Our research shows that mentees felt better adjusted to college life, had increased GPA’s, had more pride and self-satisfaction, and were more actively involved in student organizations than those who did not participate.


Student Life matches first-year students (including new, transfer or international students) with experienced faculty, staff or upperclassmen based on similar academic or social backgrounds. 

Students have a choice to have a one-on-one mentor relationship, or to be grouped with other students who identify as a first generation college student, commuter student, transfer student, international student, student of color, LGBT+, or who generally want
to meet and be mentored with other first semester students.

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