Leaders for the Common Good

Our mission is to assist students in navigating their personal leadership journey by providing experiential learning opportunities. These opportunities engage students in personal reflection and growth, while instilling in them a willingness to confront fears and challenges. 

As leaders for the common good, we also aim to assist students in translating their passions and talents into actions that can make a positive impact on the world. In alignment with our Holy Cross tradition, we promote an inclusive and respectful environment for all persons and educate student leaders about the human dignity of all.

Check out Hilltop Leadership Development programs below.

Hilltop Leaders

 Hilltop Leaders is a year-long program for freshmen and sophomores who are interested in discovering who they are as leaders and how they can create change in the world.

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Program Highlights:

  • Interactive weekly sessions
  • A weekend retreat
  • Create and implement a group service project
  • A five-day study tour of Chicago, Illinois

Hilltop Leaders has received national recognition from the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators (NASPA) as a Theory to Practice Spotlight Recipient.


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The LeaderShape Institute is a six-day interactive, energizing and unique experience for 60 St. Edward's University students and specifically focuses on leadership development and personal discovery. Participants will leave LeaderShape with a clarified view of their role as a leader in society and at St. Edward's.  

LeaderShape occurs the week before the spring semester begins.  Informational sessions are held during the fall semester and applications will be released in October.


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EcoLead was designed with St. Edward's University's commitment to developing a deep global understanding in undergraduate students in mind. Led by faculty from the School of Behavioral & Social Sciences and members of the Student Life staff, this program highlights leadership issues at an international level, with a particular focus on environmentalism. 

Program Highlights:

  • Interactive classroom sessions
  • A weekend retreat
  • Create and implement a service project
  • A seven-day study tour of Costa Rica

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Red Doors Society

The Red Doors Society (RDS) is a new leadership certificate program that aims to develop students utilizing the social change model of leadership development.

Participants gain leadership skills through workshops, community service and leadership coaching.  This program is not only a resume booster but also a great way to get connected to other St. Edward's students who are interested in clarifying their values, growing as leaders, and creating positive change in their communities!

There is no application required as all undergraduate students with a 2.0 GPA or above are eligible to participate.

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The Change Institute

The Change Institute (CI) is an annual conference in March that enables students to create and sustain diversity at St. Edward's University and beyond. The goal of the conference is to create cross-cultural dialogues that help students understand the complexities of living within diverse communities.

The conference is one step of many that St. Edward's University students engage in to become members of flourishing diverse communities where individuals respect diverse opinions and cultures.  

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Additional Leadership Opportunities

Leadership development happens all across campus! Check out these other opportunities to expand your leadership potential: