Welcome to Your Second Year at St. Edward’s University!

Your second year of college provides new and unique opportunities. Now that you have a year’s worth of experience under your belt, you are able to expand your horizons with opportunities such as finalizing a major, moving off campus, becoming a leader within clubs and organizations, finding an internship, and beginning upper level course work.

This can be an exciting yet overwhelming time, so Student Life is dedicated to helping you successfully navigate through your second year. We have developed multiple programs specific to your needs as a second-year student.

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Events for Sophomores

Second-Year Dinner

Held during the fall semester, this dinner helps you bond with other people in your class and reminds you of available resources.

Halfway to Graduation

Celebrate the completion of your second year at the end of the spring semester. You are now halfway to graduation!

Learn more about Halfway to Graduation!

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