Student Initatives Come to Life

Student Senate is proud to represent the student body of St. Edward's University, and works to improve student life every year. Senators identify and improve university policies and present legislation to the general Senate. 

Our ability to affect positive change is helped greatly by participation and feedback from our constituents. sga [at] (subject: Student%20Senate) (Contact us) with questions, comments or concerns. 

Student Senate wants students to have a voice in the events and student organizations on campus. Student Senate invites you to get involved with the Student Government Association. By utilizing the expertise of these student representatives, we ensure that each experience provides an opportunity for networking, leadership development, strong friendships and lasting memories.


Student body Senators serve the Student Government Community by working on legislation to improve the campus community. 2017-2018. Senators serve as liaisons to the general student body and student organizations, please reach out to Senators to voice your concerns:
sga [at] (subject: Attention%20Meredith%20McCusker) (Meredith McCusker)
sga [at] (subject: Attention%20Senator%20Josue%20Damian-Martinez) (Josue Damian-Martinez)
sga [at] (subject: Attention%20Senator%20Manuel%20Esparza) (Manuel Esparza)
sga [at] (subject: Attention%20Senator%20Derek%20Hunter) (Derek Hunter)
sga [at] (subject: Attention%20Cristobal%20Garcia-Quiroz) (Cristobal Garcia-Quiroz)
sga [at] (subject: Attention%20Senator%20Logan%20Robichaud) (Logan Robichaud)
sga [at] (subject: Attention%20Senator%20Brisa%20Martinez) (Brisa Martinez)
sga [at] (subject: Attention%20Senator%20Bailey%20Galicia) (Bailey Galicia)
sga [at] (subject: Attention%20Senator%20Celine%20Cottenior) (Celine Cottenoir)
sga [at] (subject: Attention%20Senator%20Andi%20Theis) (Andi Theis)
sga [at] (subject: Attention%20Senator%20Miguel%20Escoto) (Miguel Escoto)
sga [at] (subject: Attention%20Senator%20Maya%20Boehm) (Maya Boehm)

Senate Resources

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