Get credit for what you already know

The Adult Pathways program offers ways to translate your learning gained through work and military experience into college credit. You’ll finish your degree faster — and save money.

Below, we’ve answered the most common questions students ask us about earning credit for their training and certifications.

Military Experience

How do I turn my military experience into college credit?

Start by requesting that your military branch send an official transcript directly to St. Edward’s. We'll need your Community College of the Air Force transcript as part of your application. Other military service members should send along military transcripts as soon as possible.

How do I request my military transcript?

Army, Navy, Marines and Coast Guard – You may now request your military transcript via the Joint Services Transcript portal. You will need to create a username and password to access the site.

When should I send my military transcript?

We'll need your as part of your application. If you are told you don't have a military transcript, just provide us with your DD214 instead.

What if I don’t have a military transcript?

If you are told you don't have a military transcript, just provide us with your DD214 instead. 

When will I know what credit I have earned?

After you're admitted, we'll let you know what college credit you've earned. In some cases, we might need additional documents, like a DD214, detailing your military service. If that applies to you, we'll contact you. 

Professional Certifications

What licenses and certificates are accepted by the Adult Pathways program?

St. Edward's University offers credit for a number of designated licenses and certifications, including EMT, firefighter and peace officer credentials.

When will I know what credit I have earned?

We can't award credit until you've been admitted and we've reviewed all of your documents, but your admission counselor can give you an idea of what's possible. 

How is credit determined?

Once you're admitted to St. Edward's, your academic advisor will refer you to a faculty member who specializes in evaluating these credentials.

On-The-Job Training

How does St. Edward’s University determine what credit I will earn?

We assign credit through the American Council on Education’s College Credit Recommendation Service.

What is the American Council on Education, and how does it work?

For more than 30 years, the American Council on Education has worked with college faculty members from across the country to translate on-the-job training experiences into college credit. ACE has evaluated 1,000+ education programs offered by Fortune 500 companies like SBC, IBM and the Home Depot. Plus, ACE translates professional certifications awarded by groups like the American Council on Exercise, the Consumer Electronics Association and the CIA into college credit.

How do I use ACE to request credit for my on-the-job training?

First, browse ACE’s databases. Match what you’ve learned at work with ACE’s listing of evaluated courses, programs and exams. Then have ACE send a transcript to St. Edward’s.

When will I know what credit I have earned?

After you’re admitted to St. Edward’s, meet with your academic advisor to find out how your on-the-job training matches up with the courses you need to earn a degree from St. Edward’s.
If these options don’t match up with your own experience, you may want to consider our portfolio program.