Learn from multiple disciplines for a big picture education


The Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies at St. Edward’s equips students with highly practical and transferable skills in demand by nearly every employer.

Liberal Studies students their writing, researching, problem-solving, collaboration, and communication skills. You'll have the chance to pick concentrated studies from four disciplines: English, Art, Religious Studies, and Philosophy. The main concentration for this major is comprised of at least 21 hours of coursework from two of these areas.

Liberal Studies students have the freedom to shape their coursework in alignment with their needs and interests. This program will engage students in multiple fields of study while also providing opportunities for examining where these disciplines are integrated and how they relate to each other. The ability to analyze information in a variety of topics helps students to see multiple perspectives and use different approaches to solving problems.

This program is a good fit for students who are interested in a variety of topics and not yet ready to narrow down their field of study. Many students in this program plan to continue their education in a more focused area of study.


Art Concentration

Gain an appreciation of the scope and impact of artistic creation through the art history sequence. Develop your interest further through additional art history courses, or select several studio courses to further develop your skills.

English Literature Concentration

Learn basic grounding in literary theory with an overview of diverse authors and key genres in British and American literatures. Students select two additional upperdivision courses from their selected areas of interest.

Philosophy Concentration

Get a broad background in the history of philosophy and select a particular specialization you're interested in. Upperdivision courses provide an opportunity for independent research and exchange of philosophical arguments in the seminar format. All coursework ultimately leads to a personal synthesis of the student’s experience, enriched by philosophical reflection and made possible through familiarity with philosophy.

Religious Studies Concentration

The competencies gained in this concentration will include phenomenology of religion, biblical studies, historical study in world religions and Christianity, and undergraduate research and writing, in either general religious thought or Christian theology.


With a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies, graduates are prepared to work in a variety of areas, such as nonprofit administration, business, politics, social services, teaching and writing. The versatility and breadth of vision within a Liberal Studies education prepares students to directly enter the work force in diverse professions.

For example:
  • Combine English literature and religion to pursue a career as an editor with a religious publisher or a grants coordinator with a food bank
  • Study philosophy and art to work as an education program manager with a museum or a researcher in the office of a public servant
  • Apply to graduate school in areas such as law, public health, education and the arts

Skilled in reasoned thought, articulate writing, and humanist perspectives, Liberal Studies students are well prepared for graduate work in alternative areas (such as the law).